HTH Grad Student in the field: John Horn

John Horn (HTH '06)

John Horn was a science fair award winner, lead contributor and GIS master for the book Perspectives of San Diego Bay: A Field Guide.  He has just finished his masters at Stanford University.  Above, he is pictured  in Google’s Entrepreure competion at Stanford.

Soon, John will be on the path to UC Irvine in Earth System Science for his Ph.D.  He will be studying the effects of climate change on water resources.

I will be working with a professor named Jay Famiglietti and will have the opportunity to study the effects of climate change on water resources using modeling and remote sensing data and imagery


About Jay Vavra

Jay Vavra grew up in San Diego and returned home after a range of experiences in biology abroad and throughout California. He graduated from Stanford University and has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from USC. Dr. Vavra also has experience working as a biologist in the fields of biotechnology and zooarchaeology, and as an environmental consultant. This is his tenth year teaching at HTH where he loves conducting original research with his students. He leads the science fair program at HTH. Most of Dr. Vavra's past students are published authors in the San Diego Bay book series. He has also led students on two successful expeditions to Tanazania.
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