High Tech High Science Fair Team – 2013

Congratulations to the students accepted to the 2013 Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair!



Brianne Nguyen & Gautam Daryanani

Behavioral Science

Nicole Hernandez-Hart & Irving Hernandez

Behavioral Science

 Sara Bawale & Tatiana Barhoumi

Behavioral Science

Maritza Salas & Jocelyne Rodriguez

Behavioral Science

 Carly Anderson & Julian Ensworth

Behavioral Science

 Jacob Esteban & Brandon Toh

Behavioral Science

 Nicolas Dante-Dilliot & Weston Bruffey

Behavioral Science

Tyrell Williams & Jesus Ruvalcaba

Behavioral Science

Jack Davis & Grace Shefcik

Behavioral Science

 Emmanuel Zarate & Fernando Alvara

Animal Science

 Sarah Davalos & Ruth Tinoco

Animal Science

 Nicolas Latta & Ryan Stewart

Animal Science

 Julian Rodriguez & Niko Strom

Animal Science

 Justin Lee & Paige Landis

Engineering – Energy & Transport

Katie Gavares & Shannon Fischer-Kendro

Environmental Science

 Dylan Keezel & Manuel Esquivel

Environmental Science

Riana Hunter and Danilo Goldfarb

Medicine and Health

Akon Thon & Caryl Velas


About Jay Vavra

Jay Vavra grew up in San Diego and returned home after a range of experiences in biology abroad and throughout California. He graduated from Stanford University and has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from USC. Dr. Vavra also has experience working as a biologist in the fields of biotechnology and zooarchaeology, and as an environmental consultant. This is his tenth year teaching at HTH where he loves conducting original research with his students. He leads the science fair program at HTH. Most of Dr. Vavra's past students are published authors in the San Diego Bay book series. He has also led students on two successful expeditions to Tanazania.
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1 Response to High Tech High Science Fair Team – 2013

  1. Gale Vavra says:

    I can’t wait to see the exhibits! Love, Mom

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