Class Guests

(Left) Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, the 2008 Conservation Medal Winner of the San Diego Zoological Society visited our class from Uganda in May 2008. Dr. Gladys’ work is a combined approach to animal and people welfare was very inspiring.

(Right) The Biotech Class was visited by Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez in January 2007. He praised the recent class publication “San Diego Bay: A story of exploitation and restoration” and discussed the state of the biotech market.

(Below) At the end of Spring Trimester, we were honored to have a surprise visit by Mr. Bill Gates. He was excited to see the ongoing projects in the HTH Biotech Program. Gates has declared that if he could do it over again, he’d be “working in biotechnology.”

(below right) Mr. Larry Randall of SD County Department of Agriculture visited class and told us about their Pest Detection Program. He taught us about the many exotic flies and other insects that have been introduced to San Diego.

We were very sorry to hear of Larry’s passing in 2007. He inspired many and will be missed by all who knew or were touched by his amazing spirit.

Other Interesting Guests:

Education Minister of Israel (November 2006)

US Senator Barbara Boxer (October 2006)

Mayor of New Orlreans C. Ray Nagin and his staff visited the lab (summer of 2006)

The class was visited by Gregor Mendel, “Father of Genetics.” It was amazing to have a time traveler step through the laboratory doors. Some commented on the simliraties with Dr. Vavra. Must be the common Czech ancestry.

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