Miramar Biology 131

Everyone in HTH Biotech needs to sign up for this course by first registering with San Diego Community College District. There are no fees associated with registering with the district or signing up for this class.

 Student guide to enroll:

1. Go to sdccd.edu

2. Click “Apply Online” (the blue link on the bottom/left side of the page)

3. Click “start a new application” (the link in blue at the top of the page)

4. Fill out their information (i.e. Social Security Number, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Birthday, Email address).

a. use their legal name and not nicknames.
b. Instruct them to only choose “Jr.” or “Sr.” if it is part of their legal name.
c. If you do not have a Social Security Number OR donot know your Social Security Number then  select “none” and leave the space blank.
d. Do NOT use your High School Student ID number
e. Double-check their entries for accuracy!

5. Click “ENTER” (the link at the bottom/right of the page)
6. Verify your information is correct and click on “CONTINUE” (the link at the bottom of the page) (click continue one more time if you did not use a SSN)

a. You should receive an Application ID number at the top of the Application Form page. Make sure that you WRITE DOWN the number. If you used a Social Security Number the Student ID number will be the same

7. Continue to complete the application. Make sure that even if you get to the end  DO NOT hit submit until instructed to do so. When you are done completing the current page they can click on “next page” (the blue arrow on the bottom/right of the page)

a. Leave question #7  blank – do not fill out #7 at all
b. On question #10 select Spring 2012 and Miramar 
c. On question #12 do NOT select Permanent or Temporary Resident
d. On question #16 to select “no” if you do not have any children
e. On question #17 scroll down to the bottom and select “Decline To State” if you do not know or wish to disclose your annual family income
f. On question #19  put your birthdate if you were born in California or the approximate date that you moved to California
g. On question #22 select  enrollment status as “Current High School Student”
h. On question #23 select “never attended college”
i. On question #24 to indicate the year that you are graduating and select “Current High School Student”
j. On question #29 to answer “NO”. On question #30 to select any educational goal.
l. On question #31 to select any major
m. On question #32 select “None”

8. Once EVERYONE has completed questions 1-32 then click “SUBMIT” (the link on the bottom/right of the page)
9. Correct any red errors that came up
a. Once you have corrected the red errors then click  “SUBMIT” again

10. Write down ID # at top of page.

Check both boxes (I certify…, I accept…) and click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION” – IMPORTANT STEP – DON’T MISS!

11.   Go to:    https://www.catema.net/acsys/login.php?sdb=sandiego
12. Click on “New Student” tab and “create an account”
13. Fill out their information (i.e. First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Student ID, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Gender, High School, Program Preference, Email, Phone Number, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip)

a. If you used your Social Security number for the SDCCD app then enter your Social Security number as your student ID

b. Otherwise –  use the Application ID number that you wrote down earlier and
put a S0 (zero) in front of the number for their student ID

c. DO NOT use your High School Student ID number

d. Select the Health and Human Services Program Preference .
14. Click  “Next…” (the green link at the bottom/middle of the page)

15.  WRITE DOWN your Assigned UserName and Assigned Password

16. Click  “YES” (the gray link at the bottom/middle of the page)

17. Select HTH, Vavra, Appropriate period (2 or 4), and Career Interest and click “Submit”

18. Once the course you are enrolled in shows up under courses you are done and can log out.


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