Science Fair

HTH Biotech Science Fair Students 2012-13
Senior Division



Brianne Nguyen & Gautam Daryanani

Behavioral Science

Nicole Hernandez-Hart & Irving Hernandez

Behavioral Science

 Sara Bawale & Tatiana Barhoumi

Behavioral Science

Maritza Salas & Jocelyne Rodriguez

Behavioral Science

 Carly Anderson & Julian Ensworth

Behavioral Science

 Jacob Esteban & Brandon Toh

Behavioral Science

 Nicolas Dante-Dilliot & Weston Bruffey

Behavioral Science

Tyrell Williams & Jesus Ruvalcaba

Behavioral Science

Jack Davis & Grace Shefcik

Behavioral Science

 Emmanuel Zarate & Fernando Alvara

Animal Science

 Sarah Davalos & Ruth Tinoco

Animal Science

 Nicolas Latta & Ryan Stewart

Animal Science

 Julian Rodriguez & Niko Strom

Animal Science

 Justin Lee & Paige Landis

Engineering – Energy & Transport

Katie Gavares & Shannon Fischer-Kendro

Environmental Science

 Dylan Keezel & Manuel Esquivel

Environmental Science

Riana Hunter and Danilo Goldfarb

Medicine and Health

Akon Thon & Caryl Velas


Student Projects – Award Winners

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