Field Outing Assignment

Biology Field Outings              Complete and write up at least 2 each semester

– 1st one due April 23rd; 2nd one due by May 23rd

The objective of this project is for you to get directly involved with environmental and cultural issues in our community.  Clear activity with Dr. Vavra first. Suggested activities include:

–          wetland restoration
–          beach cleanups
–          bird surveys
–          archaeology digs
–          science lecture/presentation

Upcoming activities and events will be posted on the “Events” page on SDBAYGUIDE.COM

There are ongoing activities such as the Famosa Slough restoration projects that happen the 2nd Saturday of odd-numbered months.  Some activities need waivers filled out so check with Dr. Vavra before you go.

What to do:

  1. Participate in activity/event.
  2. Document as much as possible with photos and field notes.
  3. Post on DP(within 1-week of outing) typed paper that includes:
    1. Summary of activity. Give specifics.  For example, if you planted native plants somewhere, say which ones and write about their significance.
    2. What you learned or discovered. Be descriptive.
    3. Photo of you participating in activity. Higher resolution the better.
    4. Description of how it is connected to environmental issues in San Diego or water quality in San Diego Bay?  If it is not connected to San Diego Bay than describe the larger significance of the event, lecture, or activity.

Websites to look at for upcoming activities:

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